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[Comments] (6) Amazing Discoveries: The rag bag. My sister Susanna and I have invented something. For years I've kept my dishrags on the kitchen counter due to a lack of drawer space. The invention is a hanging dishrag holder, a cloth bag with a loop at one end and an elastic orifice at the other. Susanna built me a prototype. I stuffed it with dishrags and hung it from the pothooks in the ceiling. Instant counter space savings! When I need a dishrag I pull one out. After laundering dishrags I stuff them back in. It's a fair system.

There are similar inventions for grocery bags, but this was a totally different engineering challenge because grocery bags are more compressible.

Update: Random clickolinko person, probably Nick, says, "hate to say it, but my grandmother-in-law totally has something like this by her sink in the suburbs of Tokyo". I'm sure this thing has been invented multiple times, wherever there are rags and not much space to put them, but I've never seen it before.


Posted by Evan at Sun Aug 17 2008 12:27


submit to good housekeeping

(or ReadyMade, which is basically the same thing for the younger set)

Posted by Susie at Sun Aug 17 2008 17:40

I wondered if you were going to share, or if you were too embarassed of my sewing skills.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Aug 17 2008 18:59

I just had to wait until I had some free time to find the picture I'd took. Your sewing is great!

Posted by Kevin Marshall at Mon Aug 18 2008 08:43

Hey cool...back in high school I wrote out a speck for something sim. only with shampoo in mind (I called it the shampoo sock)...basically the idea was a sock (made from mesh or some other water resistant material) with a rope on one end and an elastic hole on the other...you put your shampoo in it upside down and hung the rope part around a hook in your shower...this way the shampoo was always upside down and ready for use. I later thought it would also be a good thing for condiments in the fridge (ketchup sock, mustard sock, etc.)...you could do lots of different colors and designs (to match with batroom/kitchen designs and such) and it would be fairly cheap to produce...of course I never got past the specking stage (always told myself one day I would make one, but I STILL haven't)...

Anyway - you should totally put this type of thing out on etsy.com ... my guess is that you could make a nice little profit (if you wanted to).

Posted by anonymous at Wed Aug 20 2008 02:27

hey sell it as the Amazing Richardson Rag Rangler!

or Wrangler, if you want to break the alliteration.

Posted by Evan at Wed Aug 20 2008 02:27

blah me again ^^^^

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