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[Comments] (2) The Board Game Remix Kit: I imported the book of The Board Game Remix Kit from the UK. I probably should have bought the PDF instead because it's a really small book that, pound for pound, was rather expensive to import. But, what I didn't realize until I bought the book is that it's by Holly and Kevan! So, buy that sucker. It's a lot of rules for new games you can play with the pieces from other games that you're tired of. The one into which the most care was put is a game that turns Clue[do], the game with the most irrelevant pieces ever, into a tactical wargame where you fight zombies.

There's also (for instance) a game played with Monopoly title cards that's suspiciously like our Man Bites Dog game remix. The whole thing makes me glad Sumana accepted that Trivial Pursuit game from Beth when Beth was moving. ("Dadaist Pursuit: ...every other player turns over their top card and selects the funniest answer from those printed on it...")

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Posted by Holly at Mon Feb 28 2011 04:55

Gosh, that must have been surprising. Zombie Mansion, you will be unsurprised to know, was almost entirely Kevan's work, and if you play it you should definitely use the optional make-it-harder rule.

We also did a few extra games for Valentine's Day, which are online here.

Posted by Zed Lopez at Mon Mar 14 2011 16:24

I recently acquired Murderland, which is another remix of Clue. And I dug out of a box in my basement my family's 1963 era Clue game. Remixed Clue ahoy!

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