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[Comments] (2) Counting Atticus: I keep a running tally of where the name Atticus pops up, and since it is a rarely used name, this task isn't too hard. People who know other Atticuses always tell me about their such-and-such friend who named their dog Atticus, or their kid who plays with an Atticus. So far, I know of a young boy Atticus that lives in Logan, Utah, another boy living in the San Francisco area, a dental patient that Dave's cousin cares for in Calgary, Alberta, and even an Atticus of about 9 years that lives somewhere in Lawrence. There is of course the Atticus clothing line made popular by the band Blink-182. I wouldn't be aware of this except that my siblings are pretty hip human beings, and they keep me informed. And last but not least, there is the bookstore Atticus Books that no longer has a shop location, but sells online.

Last night, as Dave and I watched the excellent Manchurian Candidate (critics said to skip the re-make and watch the old one, but the old one doesn't have Meryl Streep!!!), I learned of another Atticus, the sinister and unethical scientist Atticus Noyle. I wonder why they named that character Atticus.


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