My Seussical Life for 2006 February

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[Comments] (13) Health Care Woes:

Dear Mr. President:

I just spent over ten percent of our annual gross income for medical insurance covering myself and my spouse for only six months. Thanks for the small relief of Medicaid for my two boys. I hope we can afford to insure ourselves the last six months of the year.

Thinking of moving to Canada,

Alyson Matkin

[Comments] (4) School Holidays: We are enjoying Atticus' winter break. This morning I asked Atticus what he would like to do today, to which he replied, "I want to stay in my jammies all day long."

Wish granted. And it was a lot of fun.

[Comments] (2) Very Sensitive Human Child: "Woah, woah there Samuel," Atticus says in a very concerned and loving fashion, "You're about to hurt your toy. That only hurts you, not Mama, Papa, or Brother. You don't want to break your toy."

[Comments] (4) Black Monday: It all comes down to this: Dave takes his comprehensive exams Monday and Friday. I'm not sure who is more nervous, Dave or myself. Poor man has spend too much of this weekend nursing my anxieties while I should have been nursing his! But this is the light at the end of the tunnel, the mile marker that indicates we are near the finish of the PhD program. After this, Dave will spend a year gathering data, researching, and writing his dissertation. Oh, and he will spend a little time job hunting. Hurray!

[Comments] (11) Thinking Thoughts: I never get baby hungry during the day. My hands are too full, and the boys keep me running to catch up. Another child right now would be utter insanity. I know that. But when they are asleep, looking cherubic in their fuzzy pajamas, cuddling innocently with a favorite stuffed leopard or doggie, I think, "Wahhh, I want to have another baby--they are so sweet and wonderful." The problem is, the children are asleep. . .


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