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[Comments] (2) Reverence is more than just quietly sitting. . .: Dave is Bishop of our ward. One of the challenges of this responsibility is that I am on my own every Sunday during Sacrament Meeting. Persuading young boys and a toddler to sit in one place for an hour for any reason is a task, and an hour of church is no exception. I am anxious for my boys to behave themselves reasonably because I often leave them alone to take Molly out when she needs to wander and make noise. This makes church quite complicated most weeks. My three are children after all.

Today I noticed a four-year-old boy, Jeffery, sitting very quietly in the pew behind mine. I was settling my boys before the meeting, and could tell they were feeling especially restless. I pointed to Jeffery and suggested that if a four-year-old could be reverent, I was sure they could, too. Samuel was offended by my assumption. "Mom, when Jeffery grows up, he'll get to be a boy, too!"


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