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[Comments] (11) I've put it off long enough.: I figure I should say something about my trip to Utah and my Grandpa's funeral. I would fill badly if I didn't do him justice that way. So I set off for Utah with Lorna on a non-stop Delta flight. Luckily we were able to get one for under $500 each, but not much under. On the plane Lily decided to play the game of crawl over mom to get to Lorna, then back again, and again. Then she got restless of being held and wanted to play on the ground and crawl around. I just recall thinking "only an hour and a half more of this...one more hour...forty more minutes, oh my gosh do I have to go through this again." It is not fun traveling while babies need naps. It could have been worse. At least Lorna didn't vow to never baby-sit again, and I didn't get any dirty looks from other people sitting next to us, at least I didn't see any.

David picked us up at the airport and we descended into Happy Valley. I then found out that the place I had been planning to stay (my Dad's) was no longer available for me to stay at. So I called my sister-in-law, Hailey, to see if the invitation was still open for me to stay with them in Highland. It turned out quite nice though since they graciously watched Lily while she slept in the evening so I could be with family more.

I got to meet Julie's Ben (I have four Ben's to keep track of in my family) and I really liked him. He is cuter in person, not that his pictures were bad, but I was impressed overall. Seems to be a cool guy. It was fun to see Michelle and Julie's room too. The funeral was very good. I still say that Melea's funeral was the most spiritual funeral I have ever been too, but Grandpa's was great too. I loved the slide show, some of the pictures I had never seen of him before. The talks were great and they gave me insight into Grandpa's life I had never had. it is weird because since I was pretty close to Grandpa especially in his later years living so close to him, I thought I would bawl like a baby but I was pretty calm. I'm still waiting for it to hit me that he is gone. When we went to his house with all the cousins, I half expected him to be sitting there sitting on his couch watching Fox News looking kinda grumpy like he always did. That's just Grandpa. But he wasn't there.

There at Grandpa's house we were to go through and write down the things we wanted to keep. I went through his apt looking at the furniture I had dusted for him many, many times. The toiletries I had arrange after cleaning his bathroom, the bed with the headset and radio so he could listen to the news while falling asleep. His clothes in his closet all lined up, the ones he hemmed and the shirts that would loosen after he would get sick, or would be taut after he was out and about riding the bus to McDonalds everyday when well. They still smelled like Grandpa. Then I saw his McDonald's gift certificate bucks on his dresser. That's Grandpa, with his uncooked oatmeal for breakfast for his heart in the morning, and his lunches at McDonalds, followed by his milk and bread for dinner because that is what he had growing up.

It is still so weird for me to think that he is gone b/c he really kept himself going for so long. I never thought Grandpa could die. He has had so many strokes, falls and stitches, and broken bones that have all defied death. Even when he had colon cancer a year and a half ago, I thought uh-oh, this is it. I heard no one hardly ever survives colon cancer. But my Grandpa came out of surgery and was released from the hospital in what was it, like three days with a clean bill of health. During our talks while I cleaned his apartment, he would say how he didn't want to die and wasn't ready. He was such a strong spirit and stubborn that he lived to 89 1/2 yrs old. I guess that is why I disbelieved he was really gone. But things happen for a reason. Grandma died and her funeral was on my birthday Aug 30 2003 and eerily, Grandpa died Aug 31st and the funeral was Sept 3. So they died almost exactly 2 years apart.

Anyway, I picked a tie of Grandpa's to remember him by, some trinkets he always had lying around. I got some address stickers he had that companies would send to him and when I helped him pay his bills, he always used those, but would make me cut off the design sticker part because he thought that by doing that he didn't have to donate the money to the companies that would send him complimentary address stickers. Funny man. I also got some file folders and a file box. I wanted his diplomas, pictures, Richardson Family book, and other keepsakes, but everyone wanted those and I wasn't near top in the hierarchy to get those things.

Anyway, it was great to see all the siblings there and the Scoll cousins that you never see all in one place except for weddings or funerals. I am glad I got to go back to Utah, but was sad that I didn't have time to drive by my old house. I did however drive past my old walking route, and I got warm fuzzy feelings, I guess because I have so many fond memories of my walks with Lily in the nice beautiful Utah seasons, listening to great books on tape. It was good to get back because I missed Aaron too much. It seems like he doesn't ever get to go with me to things like that. My side of the family doesn't see him much. That trip I decided I didn't want to travel again without him.

I am now grandparent-less.


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