Sunny 9 for 2008 May 5 (entry 0)

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[No comments] Fierce times 12: I've got a little Christian Siriano at my house in the making. I laughed ashamedly when Aaron told me what Lily told him this morning while he was helping her pick out an outfit. Aaron was trying to get her to settle on some shoes and Lily said, "No, I can't wear those. They are out of style. No, those are out of style too. These are out of style and these are out of style too. I don't want to wear any of those shoes because they are all out of style."

It is probably the fault of the mother who has purchased all those shoes for her to choose from in the first place. *blush* What can I say except that I have a sickness. You know what is really embarrassing is that I was folding Gunnar's laundry and to make my life easier I was piecing together outfits and folding the shirt in the shorts so I can just grab a little envelope of clothes instead of having to dig and dig around to find something that matches. The boy literally has 3 weeks worth of outfits ready to go before I have to do laundry. Granted, someone in my ward gave me some hand-me-downs which was so awesome. It is embarrassing to air my dirty laundry like that (pun intended). Darn those Target sales and Children's Place 50% off sale.

I will say I am proud of myself for not buying the kids new Easter outfits. I am too stubborn to buy something that is not on sale. Nothing feels greater than getting Gunnar church shirts for $4.99 (reg 14.50) and sweater vest for $6.49 (reg $16.50) in addition to a 15% off coupon. Hey, at least I am good at it. So naturally I have to buy one in every color. Just kidding...kinda

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