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[Comments] (7) [Trackback URL for this entry] creepy: So my friend called me and said she was walking through a model home a few mins away and she saw a picture of my family in one of the frames on the dresser. What? How did a random decorating company get a picture of Aaron, Lily, and me? So my mom and I went to see if it really was me and we walked through the home. Yep, it's us. As a matter of fact it's the picture that I have on this blog under "pictures". So it's four years old and on this blog. How random? And how did they get it? Obviously off of the world wide web, but how did they search for it and where do they get off printing off random pictures of people and displaying them in a model home. That was a digital picture taken fours years ago in Utah and it ends up in a home that is minutes away from my house four years later. How random is that?


Posted by kelly at Thu Sep 04 2008 17:59

That is seriously creepy. I'm feeling sort of disturbed. At least you can find consolation in the fact that you are obviously a 'model' family. But still, that makes me nervous.

Posted by Jenni at Thu Sep 04 2008 23:11

You are kidding me!!! I am totally freaked out by that! Did you ask anyone that worked there about it? I would totally contact the decoraters and ask them what the heck is up!

Posted by Rachel at Fri Sep 05 2008 07:36

that is super weird

Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 05 2008 09:41

Since the file is named "family.jpg" I'm sure they just found it in google images or something. We also have a picture named that here And we've been contacted several times about it - once someone overseas emailed me to ask permission to use it, John's brother had an old mission companion email him about it, that kind of thing.

That's really weird for it to show up so close to home though!

Posted by Hailey at Fri Sep 05 2008 23:30

Is it bad that I would feel sort of flattered? But then I would want money.

Posted by Joe Walch at Tue Sep 09 2008 14:25

I guess we should be careful what we post.

Posted by Betina at Wed Sep 10 2008 22:08

WIERD. But actually, i have heard of stuff like this before. Some story went around about a girl who sued a large advertising firm for using her pic without permission. BUt she lost, because on the web nothing is sacred. A little scary. But for you, a compliment, because your family is obviously a "model" family.

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