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[Comments] (4) I AM:

I am: determined

I have: A beautiful family

I Am: a busybody.

I Think: about things a lot. And then I think about them some more.

I Know: how to have a good time.

I Want: To go back to school one day, I love taking classes.

I Dislike: putting myself into categories. I like having room to choose how I feel at the moment. However I like to categorize outside things.

I Miss: having a Café Rio salad.

I Fear: Aaron failing the last year of dental school.

I Feel: sore from my Yoga class.

I Smell: my babies skin a lot.

I Crave: to clean my house from top to bottom for a week straight, but I either get interrupted or I have to start over because it is messed up again or I get discouraged and don’t want to look at it for a couple days.

I Cry: whenever I see other people cry.

I Usually: eat oatmeal for breakfast.

I Search: for movies I might like on Netflix.

I Wonder: where we will move to in a year and a half.

I Regret: when I am not more compassionate.

I Love: going out to dinner.

I Care: about keeping in touch with people.

I Always: love a good laugh.

I Worry: about not being a good enough mom.

I Am Not: always on time.

I Remember: talking to my sister Aly late into the night growing up. My kids will always share a room unless there is only one in that gender.

I Believe: in the church.

I Dance: rarely. I don’t like doing stuff with my arms. I think it is called uncoordinated. I’ll just watch thanks.

I speak up: when I have had it.

I Argue: for the sake of debating.

I Write: because I like it.

I Win: the worst garden of the year.

I Lose: track of time when I am alone.

I Wish: I spent the energy I use for feeling guilty, on something productive.

I Listen: to good music.

I Don't Understand: men. I honestly don’t.

I Can Usually Be Found: at home.

I Am Scared: to move and not know my way around.

I Need: 8-9 hours of sleep every night.

I Forget: how bad feeling sick feels until I am sick again.

I Am: hopeful.

I tag: Rachel, Susie, Jenni, Hailey


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