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[Comments] (4) : It's not raining. It's POURING! In the five minutes it took to walk from Bunche to Cafe Roma, I (and my suede jacket) got soaked to the bone. On the brighter side, despite the rain, people actually came to my cafe night! 2 people who aren't on the IISA board, my roommate, or friends of my roommate! A huge success, especially for a first time. I got to spread my HP knowledge, which makes up for that fact that my hair was a frizz ball. I came home and stood under the scalding water until I turned red. It's lucky we got a ride--I doubt we'd have survived the walk home. Probably end up drowned in an overflowed gutter or swept all the way down Wilshire on a huge tidal wave. Next week we are hoping to get the diplomat in residence to come.

Today in class, the randomest thing: a guy walks up to me and says, "Were you in a commercial with a singing hot dog?" Um, no.


Posted by Chris at Tue Feb 03 2004 06:47

I don't know about over there in Westwood, but it wasn't raining that much over by my campus. In fact, I kinda wish it was raining harder, so that I could have more fun playing in it. Also, maybe that guy was trying to hit on you! Though it would go down under my "Worst Pick-Up Line" category, unless it was an Oscar Meyer ad. Those kids are so cute!

Posted by Pooca at Tue Feb 03 2004 18:34

..was this cafe HP related? If so, I am v. angry you did not tell me about it. It sounds v. exciting. :oP

Posted by John at Tue Feb 03 2004 19:30

I'd have milked that hot dog thing for all it's worth. Who knows, maybe he would have wanted your autograph?

Posted by Susie at Tue Feb 03 2004 19:48

You made me laugh out loud! I am at work, but no one is around to think I'm weird.

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