La Vie En Rose for 2004 March 6 (entry 2)

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[Comments] (4) : Forgot to add that mommy and I went to see Hildalgo, which was fabby, although I was clinging to mommy's arm with my eyes clenched shut during the horsie-in-danger scenes.

Also I went to B&N to return a Time Out Los Angeles (10 pages of hotels and one of restaurants umnothanks) and get mommy's book, but it turned out to be hardback, $25 (umno), and they wouldn't give me a refund, only store credit, because I didn't have my card (I've taken it OUT of my wallet so as to avoid spending money I don't have), so it was actually a complete waste of time. I'm beginning to dislike going to B&N because it seems like, everywhere I turn, is a really dumb book and I can't help thinking "This got printed? *I* can do better than this!"


Posted by John at Sun Mar 07 2004 17:56

Less talk, more action. What will your first book be called anyway?

Posted by Susie at Sun Mar 07 2004 18:09

Well, despite the pain it caused you, taking your card out of your wallet can be a good idea!

Posted by Pooca at Sun Mar 07 2004 18:21

you *can* do better than that. i know it.

i left you a monolouge explaining the lack of story (ish) in your inbox. sincere apologies. (maybe today!)

Posted by Alyson at Mon Mar 08 2004 02:53

I'll even buy your book in HARDBACK!!

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