La Vie En Rose for 2004 June 5 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) My new favourite word: Ideological.

Christina & I loved PoA so much we're going to go see it again tonight. In the mean time, I am being a workworkingworker. HP & EU are the only two things that exisist in my universe. (Fortunatley, Gigi dragged me to Whole Foods today, so at least now there is more than abstract ideas in the fridge).

Last night was IISA end of the year dealy at BJs, which is right next to the Fox in Westwood. The line was about a mile long. You may think I'm joking; I'm not. Its so inspiring to see all unite over one thing. Perhaps Harry Potter is the answer to peace on earth? (Or is it the EU? I'm getting confused again.)

...shutting up now


Posted by Susie at Sun Jun 06 2004 03:13

abstract ideas in the fridge, he heh he. =)

Posted by Frances at Sun Jun 06 2004 05:50

That is about all I have in mine. There is a chicken, but it's an allegorical chicken because it hasn't been cooked yet.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jun 07 2004 00:53

I have chicke, but it is in my freezer, so it is an unreal number, I think.

Posted by John at Mon Jun 07 2004 01:37

I'll probably hat myself for asking (and earn a plethora of boos and hisses for this) but how could the EU possibly be the answer to WORLD peace? If Europe's happy we all are? (Not to mention the entirely separate question of the EU making all of Europe happy)....

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