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[Comments] (2) Hazy shade of winter: I spoke to soon and the heater broke again. this time I will really get it fixed. In the meantime I survive by huddled in my room around my $10 space heater I bought from Target for my bathroom so I could take baths in winter without my top half freezing off (this was before I figured out that my bathroom was always freezing because the vent was closed). Unfortunately I think the faithful blue electric blanket is on its last leg. I had both sides on high, which would normally broil a person but was barely enough to keep me from freezing. Luckily I had two furry heat pads cats. I can't really blame the blanket because it is about a jillion years old. Actually I don't know how old it is. I at least have been using it since high school, because I remember coming home from one late night play rehearsal and mom had turned it on for me (it was very sweet but I had to turn it off because I was up till about 4 at kinkos, if I recall correctly... those were the days... hahah).


Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 17 2007 22:20

How sweet to turn the blanket on for you! That is so thoughtful. I think there is a cream e-blanket somewhere. Look in the closet.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jan 19 2007 18:39

Poor cold Rach.

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