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Kerala: Just a few funny signs from our trip to Kerala, as John pretty much covered everything else.

Doormatery (I can only assume this is a 'dormitory')
Pee Pee's Lubricants
Furnichure Store
A billboard advertising a TV showed a giraffe leaning out of the TV toward the kids on the couch, sticking out it's pink tongue.
An "Olive Garden Restaurant" logo with the "Olive" edited out.

[Comments] (2) The Kiddos: Dalton had his first calimari in Kerala. He loved it and gobbled up the rest of the plate.

Maggie likes to make up new dinosaurs and describe them to us. Some of them include "Dinosaurasaurus", "Whatasaurus" and, my favorite, "Pteranodon Rex." She's quite a clever girl.

Dalton, somewhere, has learned the number 4 and started pointing it out everywhere. Meanwhile, Maggie has learned to add. I introduced the concept a while ago using some activities from the summer program I bought, and now she's got the concept down and loves to practice. She asks me addition questions all the time.


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