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Up & Down: What a crazy day. Sienna only woke up once last night, yay. Tyler and Tasha et al came down to visit. We planned on going to the Great Park but it was raining and everything was closed. We still had a nice visit. Until Maggie broke my mom's torchiere lamp. Ugh. I drove Rachel and Leonard to their respective airports. In between, Leonard and I (and Sienna) had a nice dinner together. Came home to a quiet, clean house. Amazing. We'll see how long until my kids seem riled up and noisy again. At least 10 hours.

I think I'm ready to find the new normal with 3 kids. I've hardly done any work this month, and things at home are always slipping (Thanks to John for stepping up and taking care of lots of it). Once I make it to Disneyland by myself with all three, I think we'll be there.


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