Roy's Postcards: 1983/02/04


Frances and I went on a little date to the Observatory and saw the Planetarium show about the "Mysterious Center of the Milky Way" theorizing that there is a black hole. The view was clear and we could see miles of jewel-like lights of city, overlooking the great Los Angeles Basin.

Postcard front:

Postcard back:

Artist: Hugo Ballin
The artist portrays Archytas of Tarentum with his wooden pigeon; then Roger Bacon with his floating ball; Francesco de Lana with a flying boat model; Leonardo da Vinci, whose models perhaps needed only an entine; and Besnier, gliding successfully in 1678.

Leonard's comments:

Hot date at the Griffith Observatory. It's just like a B-movie!

See also: la griffith-observatory

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