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: I'm trying out doing rubrics on this page. A rubric is that thing up there, except they're usually used to quantify some useful information. None of that for me. I wrote a nifty rubric generator in Perl, but alas, Andy "I Hate Leonard" Schile, master of all things sampo.st.hmc.edu, has once again proved his BOFH-worthiness by denying everyone read access to the cgi-bin directory and refusing to let me have the root password to fix it. I tried some hacks to get around it, but nothing worked; apparantly there's a server misconfiguration somewhere. Oh well. You can get the source here and the data files here and here. That last one's a binary data file generated by strfile so don't try and view it, but you need it if you want to run the program on your own system.

I just redid the IRS page, it's now 100% Microsoft-free. Enjoy it. Buy my tapes, dammit.

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