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: It is now halfway through the quarter and I no longer need my schedule to be online. So I took it down. If you want to see my schedule you'll have to ask. Nyeah. Physics 8C sucks. But at least electricity and magnetism are the same force. I was worried there for a minute.

    SSI is still nonfunctional, despite a prolonged one-on-one with Andy. Various Apache crap has to be done. My many years of setting up BBS doors acquainted me with big text file configurations, but I guess it's not something everybody is used to. Step aside, Andy, and let a real man configure your server! Oh, I talk big, but can I back it up? You bet I can! At least I don't type periods instead of dashes-^H.

    I am working on some pages, which may become part of Crummy or part of LYH, depending on which hand I write them with. Among these pages are a plea to the book publishing company employees who roam the Web in search of people to gift with juicy publishing contracts, some lectures on user interface design, musings on some KUSC broadcasting quirks, and a ramble (like a rant, but not angry) on seeing thought as software. I have added the following pages as of now: My page of things I fear, my woefully incomplete list of software packages on rubberfish, and a page explaining my usage of the word "chick". I have also uploaded updates to some of my computer pages.

    xly, where x is the number I would put before "ly" if I were keeping track, I rearranged the Leonard Literature page so it's now a directory and features stuff written by me as well as stuff written by others about me. So, uh, there, I guess. No new new content, but the two old stories about the Bug Bash and about Angie Hernandez are back up again, if you want to read those again [for the first time].

    I have a copy of the poison that is Microsoft Visual J++, which copy I won in a trivia contest at the CSUA meeting. if you're in desperate need of this software package, I could be persuaded to exchange it for some item of value. Hey, look, I'm just like those guys in the text adventures!

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