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: The pain is gone, as is the physics homework. But now I have to worry about my Engineering 95 report. Argh. I wanted to be a lumberjack.

    Jake "I'm Huge, I'm Immense" Berendes is redoing the crup tapes web site. He also stole my Emperor Palpatine schtick, but that's fine. The page claims it'll be up Saturday. Whee.

    I had something relevant to say, but I've forgotten it. Isn't that always the way [of the walk]?

    This may or may not be what I was going to say, but I had a vision today of Morn^H^H^H^Ha new web site for my music. I would have a file for each song marked up with <notation> and </notation> tags so that I would be able to have one file to act as both lyric sheet and tab/chord sheet. I could also have <commentary> and </commentary> tags in the same file so the file could contain any notes I had on the song. Then for an album I could just have a page with a bunch of SSI #include directives to include the file for each song. Interesting idea. I'll have to see what happens with the crup tapes site.

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