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: Whoa, check it out. The new crupscup page is up ahead of schedule (hey, that thing's operational!) and boy is it mighty. Not only do I have my own page on the Horses of the World label, but I am cited and/or praised and/or emulated on almost every other page. And even if I weren't, it would still be cool. It is a masterpiece of random-content distribution worthy of study by all serious students of the wired economy, and also by people who aren't anal-retentive blowhards. Can I say that? It's my home page, I can say what I want. Oh, and I'm a roll^H^H^H^H^H^Hon a roll. Children, avert your eyes [well, stop!] as I roll out the forbidden word behind its protective <censor> <\censor> tags...


    Boy, that felt good [miaiow]. Man, what am I on? Some kind of barbituate, I should think. But I don't remember taking anything. That proves nothing, of course.

    So go to the crup page. It is your friend. That's all I have for this update. Except I added links to a lot of the crup pages on the Leonard Literature page. Now shoo!

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