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: In my semi-infinite (what is Prof. Durian smoking?) wisdom I have made yet another update to the browser SSI. You can now surf this page with Arena, Opera, or NCSA Mosaic, and be greeted in style. The code is starting to look ugly. I know what I have to do to make it more elegant but it's going to have to wait until spring break. Feel free to hack on it yourself, if you feel so inclined [45 degrees] [Jimmy Smitts.]. Here's the source.

Later: I fulfilled my role as hunter/gatherer today by going to a Taos Mountain information meeting, where they gave us pizza and t-shirts and talked about how great it was to work at Taos Mountain. I have two pieces of pepperoni and a Sprite in the fridge (Sprite sez: "Let me out! Ye dare remove me from the land of magical enchantment? The Fairie King will avenge me sure!" Yeah, yeah, show me the way to your pot of gold and we'll talk.). The t-shirt is pretty nifty and joins the ever-increasing stack of techie t-shirts I have. Let's see, I've got a Linux shirt, a Toshiba shirt, a Microsoft Developer Tools shirt, the Taos Mtn. shirt, a freaky Workgroup Switching shirt, and a Symantec Bug Bash shirt. I hope to go to Comdex this year (Comdex Comdex. Comdex '98. Comdex Comdex.) and quadruple that at least. But Comdex shirts will always be inferior in my mind to the shirts I had to earn by hard sitting-in-recruitment-meetings and bug-bashing.

    Coming home, I found a very nice letter in my mailbox from John Farragher, professional OS/2 user. John followed his nose to my page, Toucan Sam style [by Jove, Toucan Sam!], from the Dweebspeak Primer. He made me laugh, he made me cry, he made me update the browser greeting program yet again, here's the letter.

    Oops, I almost let the whole day go by without making the awful once-a-year pun! March Forth!

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