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: I spent the weekend in Windows 95 trying to get some Engineering 95 (coincidence?) work done and failing miserably (again, coincidence?). At one point I made some dinky changes to this page, after which I wondered why I kept getting the same quote over and over again. You may have wondered this too, if you hit the page Saturday or Sunday. I wondered as well, until I hit the page under lynx today and it said I was using Mozilla/95. So, that explains it. When I edited the page in the dang Mozilla editor, it took the output of the SSIs and treated it as gospel text, which was then not changed by the SSIs because the SSIs were never called. Never fear, I'm back in Linux now and your SSI output will be correct until... next time.

    To help motivate myself, I am constructing a list of things I have to do, and the dates I have to do them by. Here it is:

Study for Math 61 midtermWednesday
Study for Math 33 midtermNext Monday?
Do slides for Engineering 95 presentationThursday
Write words for Engineering 95 presentationNext Tuesday
Turn Engineering 95 presentation into report03/23
Study for Physics final
Study for Math 61 final03/24
Study for Math 33 final
Start work
Thursday 03/26

    All of a sudden, I don't feel so good.

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