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: No time to talk now. I just put up that schtick up there in honor of the fact that Kris and I keep finding fragments of busted Macintosh CDs while leaving the engineering building. I think someone is throwing them out of a high floor or something. Today I also found on the ground a guide to those hazardous waste stickers. I think a funny practical joke would be to stick one of those stickers on someone's back after labeling it 4-4-4-radioactive.

    Here's my revised tasklist:

Math 33 midtermMonday
Engineering 95 presentationTuesday
Engineering 95 report2 Mondays
Study for Physics final
2 Mondays
Study for Math 61 final2 Tuesdays
Study for Math 33 final
2 Wednesdays
Start work
2 Thursdays

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