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: Cool, I just came back from my appearance at a coffee shop in the Valley, as those in the know call it, aparantly. It was The Coffee Junction or something. It was open mike time and I played dead last, but everyone loved me. I played I Screw Up Everything I Touch and Disaster Movie and everyone laughed in the right spots. Kris made a tape of Adam's performance and mine, which tape may soon be avaliable as a bootleg through Horses of the World, audio clips, etc. The tape also features Kris and me doing Richard Attenborough impressions talking about Adam. Adam played a song of his called Born Wrong and an Electric Light Orchestra cover. What the...?

    I'm just going to keep gloating here. The lady who owns the coffeehouse thought I was incredible. Adam says I may get invited back to play a whole set (it happened to him the first time he played there). There were old people there who dug my songs as well, proving the width of my demographic. Ah, it feels good to wallow in my success.

    I got a weird spam mail recently. Fairly well targeted to me. Hm, what's this in my mailbox? More spam! Wow, really well targeted. It's forged to look like it came from Kris! Well, into the trash with it!

    The dynamic silly nicknames thing is screwy. I don't know why, but it generates nicknames once per browser. If you reload you don't get different nicknames. Unless you're using lynx. So use lynx if you want that kind of action, that's all I can say. The problem's not on my end. Shoot yourself in the foot, too.

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