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: This morning Kris proposed the Ass-Kicking Laser Algorithm. It's actually a very boring algorithm, it just has a cool name to make you think "All right! Ass-Kicking Laser Algorithm!" but then you read it and it's boring. This was inspired by the algorithms with cool name in my algorithm textbook, such as the gift wrapping algorithm and Graham's Scan.

    My mother is into vitamin and herbal supplements. She has this wacko catalog full of all these wacko health remedies which she gets her vitamins from. The last time we were going to Bakersfield from LA I was quizzing her on what all the herbs listed in the catalog were supposed to do. It was fun.

    Anyway, she's got me on this ginkgo bilboa stuff. I don't remember what it's supposed to do. Make me more alert or something. We got it from Trader Joe's, land of the huge chocolate bars. But the brand name of the pills is "Trader Darwin" and the slogan is "For the Survival of the Fittest", which I found odd. What sort of selection advantage is ginkgo bilboa supposed to confer on me?


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