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: Check out my list of algorithm running times and my Get Your Bearings Microsoft page. Whee!

    I'm going to try to move into GNOME today. I need to get into GTK programming and the like. Why? Because I feel like it, okay? What are you, my mother? Oh. Hi, mom.

    Hm, that's strange. Writing that sentence triggered something in my mind. I must have had a dream about my father last night because I remember saying "Look, dad...", taking up a point of contention with him, I guess. Weird.

    The Adam-Kris-Leonard morning brainstorming session was particularily productive yesterday. One of the major themes was making fun of Titanic and Titanic director James Cameron. Adam said that Cameron and Steven Spielberg should collaborate on the most expensive movie possible, a movie, in fact, about making a really expensive movie. Kris pointed out that one major way to drive the budget up would be to have the special effects guys show Spielberg and Cameron expensive effect after expensive effect, effects which would have to be actually created, and then Cameron would say "No, go do something else." and they'd have to make another epensive special effect. I pointed out that the budget would also be driven up by the fact that, since it was a movie about making a movie, not only would you have to pay the actors in the movie, you would have to pay the characters.

    I also took umbrage at the ending of The Abyss with the lame preachy use of stock footage. Kris compared it to the A-bomb nightmare in Terminator 2, and we decided that James Cameron is one who speaks out eloquently against evils after the danger has passed. "My God! The Titanic sank! The crew was so incompetent! All these people died!" "James, eighty years have passed." "It's horrible!"

    That's just like a three-minute chunk of the session. We can do this for hours. It's wacky and zany.

Later: Hey, it's Passover. I know this because I remember Adam "Oy Vey" Kaplan talking yesterday about how he had to go do something after class for Passover. I don't remember what he had to do. I must have tuned him out or something. Or maybe he didn't talk about it enough for me to remember it.

    Andy "Enlightenment is a Pain in the Butt" Schile is going to help me set up a window manager today. I'm leaning towards AfterStep. Anything to get rid of this fvwm-95 crap. Try Nathan Hale AfterStep Beer. It's a beer.

Later still: Hey, I'm cookin' in Afterstep. It rocks. The only problem is that my font for emacs is too big. But I can fix that, I think. Eventually.

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