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: Han Solo now lives on top of the monitor. I don't have anywhere better to put him, and I was finding that I was using him as a chew toy, which makes me uncomfortable. He's standing on his head.

    I put some new stuff on the Leonardonics page. The standard for the Nathan Hale x Beer joke, and a discussion of the effects of The Big Lebowski on Leonardonics, mainly. Jake wants to see your personal slang dictionary, and so do I. So get to it already! I'd link to Jake's personal slang dictionary, but I don't have the URL. Jake. Help me Jake.

    The release of OMP!(25K-4YOPPO) is probably going to wait until I get a 4-track. Even worse, it will probably wait until I get a 4-track and actually do the recording on it. Then I'll send the tape off to Jake, and we'll have to wait for him to get off his lazy hinder and burn it onto CD. We could be talking about a summer release. In fact, that's probably exactly what we're talking about. But oh will it rock when it is finally done. And for those who crave the great taste of the Open Standards Band now now now, I'll toss the Coffee Junction performance and some other crap onto a tape for the b-side of whatever it was that Jake wanted me to do a b-side for where it wasn't an Indian giver situation, whatever that means. One grep later, I realize that the tape in question is the proposed It's Only Ketchup/It's Only Mountain Dew tape, and it's not a b-side I would be doing but a straight split [rack 'em!]. But this is b-side material we're talking about here.

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