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: Man, I just slept from 5PM until 9PM. Woke up and had the munchies. As is the custom James made Helper, but it was the lame-o ravioli kind, so I made one of my five boxes of Pasta Roni I have hoarded away in my filing cabinet. Shells and white cheddar, baby. You must try it. Get some. Pasta Roni, Shells and White Cheddar. If you are a minor, do not tell your parents to get some for you; they will try to make you feel as though you have an obligation to share the pasta treat with the rest of your family, possibly as a side dish. Spend your own capitalistic cash money on Pasta Roni and eat the whole thing yourself as a meal. That's the American way. They're only about $1.25. I got four of them at Lucky's on Monday and they were $0.99.

    This is not some postmodern Douglas Copeland/Jerry Seinfeld glorification-of-the-banal thing I'm trying to pull on you here. Pasta Roni Shells and White Cheddar is booze of the utmost quality.

    James is taking a shower. It is 10:30 at night. Why is my roommate taking a shower at 10:30 at night? I guess I'll never {know,care}.

    On KUSC when I woke up there was this piece of music that sounded just like Stravinsky. Only it wasn't Stravinsky, it was someone else. They were totally ripping off Stravinsky. Of course, as Stravinsky himself said, "Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.". He was a very GPL kind of guy.

    You know what? KUSC is great, but for some reason I miss the public radio station in Bakersfield, KPRX. I don't know why. KPRX has some interesting news shows, but that's not the whole story. KPRX has a slightly different style, one that I like better.

    Jake says "liquid crystal rocks my lame ass.". No faint praise, coming from Jean the Pea Queen. Hey Jake, I heard you shot your woman down. Adam says he'll have the Coffee Junction performance on normal tape for me, for you, soon.

    Speaking of Adam, he transferred into my CS180 class. CS180 is cool. The key is to see everything recursively. I drew a cartoon in the style of those lame educational/safety comic books you sometimes got in grade school for Adam to get him thinking recursively. It features The Amasing Recurso, a Tickle Me Carlo Lombardi-type vaudeville stage magician.

Panel 1:
Recurso: I am The Amazing Recurso!

Panel 2:
Recurso removes his hat, revealing numerous rabbits. He points at the hat with his wand.
Recurso: Behold! n-1 rabbits!
Arrow Pointing to Hat: "black hat" ~ "black box"

Panel 3:
Recurso smiles and holds his wand in a thumbs-up manner.
Recurse: Remember, kids... when you think algorithms, think recursion!

    Simple, yet effective. It's very weird what I am doing this quarter. On the one hand I have CS180, which is a totally mathematical approach to algorithms, very abstract, so abstract that recursion is the key to everything. And on the other hand I have CS51A, way down on the bare metal, in which I must memorize switching expressions of the damned and perform gate analysis. Guess which one I prefer. I should change the lyrics to Sea of Irony to make it Sea of Gates to reveal the new source of pain in my life.

    I was going to reproduce RMS' Free Software Song on OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO. But, inspired by the techno remix, as seen on slashdot and heard at the Mozilla source release party, I have decided to do my own version of it, rather than just cat rms.au > /dev/omp!(25k-4)yoppo, as it were. I have a suitably me-ish version worked out. I have noticed that ever since I broke my top string and have been unable to replace it a few days ago, my solos have gotten a lot better. Mainly because now I can do bends on what used to be the second-top string. When you have six strings it's tough to do a bend on the top string without actually pulling the string out past fretboard territory. I'm going to have to do something with wood glue and get this sucker fixed, though, because I have numerous songs that utilitize the top string.

    Wow. Pretty long entry. I'd better try to go back to sleep for a while. I have to go to work tomorrow.

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