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: Check this out: Wang sues Netscape over their alleged patent on software that decodes files based on extension. I wrote a program for MAP that did that once. Look at me, I'm a criminal! How about the makers of that darn patent-infringin' COMMDLG.DLL? How about all those naughty operating systems that use particular extensions to denote executable files? Isn't it strange that Wang would sue the latest thorn in Microsoft's side rather than the company that is simultaneouly the biggest-volume infringer and the most able to reach a huge out-of-court settlement? Well, maybe not.

Need To Know's IMDB entry for The Big Lebowski: (comedy / crime / mystery / thriller / rug / porn-makers / wheelchair / paraplegic / hippies / police-brutality / paedophilia / dreams / bowling / kidnapping / nihilism / artist / vietnam). Wacky wacky life preservers.

Later: Kris sent me a skit which I found funny. This morning Adam had us go out to his car and fill up one of his tires which was flat and leaking. He claimed he didn't know how to work the air compressor. Then he wanted us to fill up his other tire which was a little low. Kris said "Change your oil, sir?". That was the inspiration for the skit I linked to up there.

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