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: Adam thinks I should skip getting a 4-track and instead do my recording direct onto computer. There are numerous mixing programs for Linux, but I'd need to get a better sound card and more RAM if I were to go that route. But I could use that technology, and the accompanying frogs, for non-recording computing tasks. It would probably also be cheaper than getting a 4-track, and I would be able to do more funky stuff with it.

    So I have no idea when OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO will crawl out of the primordial muck into reality. If it looks like it's gonna take a while I'll cook up another low-fi karaoke machine bonanza for a summer release in the style of the It's Only Ketchup/It's Only Mountain Dew Jake side-split. I don't know what the word on IOK/IOMD is; we sent Jake the tapes but I have yet to hear from him.

    So here's what's taking shape. Adam and Kris have expressed interest in being a real part of this album, yea, even being actual members of The Open Standards Band. Adam is going to play guitar on Talking Embrace and Extend Blues and my Metallica-bashfest Gravedigger, which song impressed Adam so much with its relentless satirizing of Metallica's inane lyrics that he voluntarily crawled out of the festering pit of Metallica worship (true story!). I need him to do that because Gravedigger includes an excessively long heavy metal guitar solo, and heavy metal guitar solos are not my forte, but they are Adam's. Adam also wants to collaborate on a song with me, and I want him to play Satan's Son Stole My Girlfriend and Crummy, which will entertwine him even further with the album. Kris has the keyboards for the Mentos parodies, and will probably be doing even more stuff. So what's happening is that OMP!(25-K)YOPPO is turning into a monster beyond my control. With the updated recording hardware (whatever that may be) and the collaboration of other musicians on the album, the threat of it becoming an actual independant album release becomes very real, and we all know which road that leads down (hint: ______ is paved with good intentions).

    I wrote another blues song today. It's more of a grunge-bluegrass thing, actually. It's called Saccharine Hillbilly Bluegrass Blues and so far it just goes "Saccharine Hillbilly Bluegrass Blues, I'm not gonna stand here and watch you lose." I may put in more lyrics, I may not.

    Bluegrass is cool. I dig that whole bluegrass/hillbilly thing. It's hard to be pretentious when your instruments are banjos and mandolins and fiddles. The blues are great, too. They're too corny to be pretentious.

    I've written several blues songs. I wrote Talking Embrace and Extend Blues after being inspired by the talking blues songs on the Bob Dylan bootlegs Mrs. Irby lent me which I need to return, and I want to write some talking blues songs the names of which are lame puns, such as Talking Dirty Blues and Talking About Willis Blues. I improvised a blues song once called The Meta-Blues which went something like "I'm so sick of the blues, baby, so sick I could scream (2x)/I hope tomorrow I wake up and realize it was all a bad dream. I got the meta-blues, baby, and the meta-blues got me (2x)/I want to rock and roll, and lose control, but these blues, they won't set me free." I wrote a blues-ish song called I Got Soul, Dammit which explores the protective attitude of numerous people towards that ephermeal quality known as "soul". The Bourbonwitha Twist and Suckered and Stoned both use a sort of blues progression, although I guess they fall more into the category of swing, and Get Down Or Die was designed to copy the sanitized teen blues-ripoff rock of the 1950s created by record company executives so that the youth of America wouldn't be dancing to music played by black people.

    Anyway, back to the recording discussion. Expect something out in summer, but not neccessarily OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO. OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO will be the high-quality tape that Mrs. Irby has been bugging me about making. I don't know what will be on the interim tape.


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