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: Hi. Kris says that he saw part of the Godzilla script on the net and that Godzilla actually grows during the course of the movie, qualifying him completely for The Expanding Foam Dinosaur Award. This, of course, invalidates the advertising campaign totally. If Godzilla's size increases over time, what kind of excitement is supposed to be generated by the statement that some part of his body is a certain size? When is it that size? Postulating a size zero at Godzilla's conception, and projecting into infinity whatever growth pattern Godzilla exhibits in the movie, we can see that any part of Godzilla's body will take on every discreet measurement of every dimension at some time or another. Why should we care?

    This is freaky. I want to see the 200 Motels movie. Adam wants to see it too. We're probably going to rent it when he moseys on over today, if he ever does. Now, Adam doesn't live in LA. He lives in the Valley, land of the white-flighters. Furthermore, Adam has not seen 200 Motels. Yet, given the name of a video rental place in Westwood, where I live and where UCLA is, Adam can tell you whether or not that place has 200 Motels. He does not make a guess as to whether or not they are likely to have it, he knows. He says it's because he frequents the cult movie section, where 200 Motels is or is not, and he likes the cover so he notices it when it is there, but I dunno.

    I designed a circuit for CS51A which takes a binary number in the range 0-9 and controls a seven-segment LCD display to display the corresponding decimal digit. It uses 16 NOR gates. It's really cool. I never liked CS51A until I got that circuit to work. I still don't like it, actually. But man, that circuit is cool. I doubt you would think it was cool, though, since you didn't design it.

    The Kris-Adam-Leonard entity is working on a rock opera (not the rock opera mentioned in my bio page, which is a separate animal and a solo project) called His Own Platters. Adam doesn't know about this yet, actually, but he'll find out soon enough. It's about the TGI Friday's concoction called Jack Platters, which we're not even sure what they are, and how they are hyped beyond all reason. It begun, as might be expected, with one of our songwriting compacts, in which each person was required to write a song about Jack Platters. The opera tells of Jack and how he becomes disillusioned with his platters. I'll do a His Own Platters page eventually, but here's the outline:

  1. I forgot the name of the first track, but it has a really long name. It's a parody of Hot Blooded by Foreigner, in which "Hot blooded" is replaced with "Jack Platters", among other things. It's meant to be a terribly written advertising jingle. Kris wrote it.
  2. Second track is called Jack's Lament, in which Jack bemoans having created the platters. I wrote this.
  3. The third track is called Fired or equivelant, and in it Jack is fired by the antagonist of the story, the greedy Boss who wants to sell as many Jack Platters as possible, and damn the consequences. We're going to make Adam write it.
  4. The fourth track is Citizens, Heed the Call to Action!, which I am writing. It's a rousing march in which Jack attempts to recruit the local citizenry in his fight against the platters he has created, but gives up when the local citizenry begins trying to turn the song into a forum for their own pet conspiracy theories. Jack is eventually run out of town by angry citizens crying "We don't want people like you marrying out daughters, picking out tomatoes, picking up our slack/You've got what it takes to oppress the indigenous masses, but when it comes to platters, pal, you don't know jack!". There's also an amusing part in which one paranoid citizen calls out "What about the flying Jack Platters that crashed in Roswell in 1951?".
  5. In the fifth track, probably called Confronting the Boss, Jack, well, confronts the Boss. Kris will probably do this.
  6. And in the final track, Jack Triumphant, the platters are defeated and Jack celebrates. We'll probably do something mean to him at the end, though, like have him get run over by a steamroller or fall victim to salmonella. Either Adam will do this himself or we'll all pitch in on it.

    Another thing that came out of the TGI Friday's discussion pertains to the commercial in which a businessman does dull office work and remarks to the camera, "It's Monday.", then enters a TGI Friday's and declares "It's Friday!", before doing a stupid little dance which Kris' brother has adopted. "It's Tuesday. It's Friday!". And so on. Eventually it's going to come to Friday, and it'll be "It's Friday. It's Friday!". Then it'll show him working in the garden. "It's Saturday. It's Friday!" Then sitting in church. "It's Sunday. It's Friday!" And around we go. It never stops for this poor guy. He and his wife must be terrible cooks.

    For all his faults, he loves his Queen, Adam has correctly pointed out that the Atlas Shilled cartoons are in a pathetic state, to say the least. Neither of the two panels I did upload can be viewed in the totality of their pagan splendor. Complete rescanning will have to be done.

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