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: Did I mention that Godzilla is completely insane? Okay, just so you know.

    The people outside my bedroom are having a block party. Loud rap music is being played. Annoyingus maximus.

    Today I represented at Coffee Junction again with Adam. And, amazingly enough, Sharon (the Coffee Junction lady) offered me a gig there. I'll be playing on July 23 I believe. It's actually a two-hour thing with both Adam and I, so we may be appearing as one act. Pretty cool.

    The time has come to once again worry about school stuff. I have two midterms next week and finals loom on the horizon.

    Adam and I rented 200 Motels last night. It was faaaaabulous. The coolest part is this one-second shot during a dance number in which Theodore Bikel aka Rance Muhammitz has a fake hose with fake cardboard water coming out of it and he's twirling it around like he's watering the lawn. The newts (which the lad searches the night for) are awesome, as well. So far I've watched it four times. Already phrases from 200 Motels are appearing in our vocabulary, phrases such as "You took the mystery x! You were in full posession of... the x!"; phrases like "swell", and "So's your old man."

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