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: I'm sorry you have to die but we all have to die.

    Well, in half an hour I need to go to a CS51A review. Whee. I am rapidly approaching the end of my second year of college. Whee again.

    Here I am today: CrotchCam, FaceCam, and PeekabooCam.

    I was on the recieving end of another tract attack today. I haven't really looked at it but I plan to. It's called How Can I Go To Heaven?. I've just cast a cursory glance at it and the author doesn't seem to understand that the people he wants to convert don't already share his worldview. I don't understand why religious people don't get this. If I want to get someone to use Linux I don't say, "Well, Linux Journal reccommends that you use Linux." or "Well, the LinuxStone benchmark gives Linux alone a perfect score of 1.0." or "Well, most of the people on slashdot.org use Linux." It just doesn't work that way.

    I also don't think religious people have really thought about what heaven entails. Can you think of anything you like doing so much that you would never get bored doing it? The key word is never. We are not talking about some place you go for a couple billion years and have some fun and then you're done. You're stuck there forever.

    My claim, based on observation, is that when you die, that's it. Is that really so bad?

    Think of the alternative.


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