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: Man, that grapefruit juice works like a charm! I didn't get tired at all last night. I just made myself get a couple hours of sleep so I wouldn't fall asleep during finals. Unfortunately, I have no way of telling whether it's really the grapefruit juice or merely a placebo effect. However, since my goal is to get awakedness by hook or by crook, not to formally evaluate the effects of grapefruit juice and caffeine on the central nervous system, I don't care.

    Today I have CS51A at 8AM and Math 31C at 11:30AM. Then I've got to get cracking on philosophy. I'm working on my cheat sheet for CS51A. I've only used about 1/4 my allotted space, so I'll probably put some examples of flip-flop problems on the sheet. I think today's finals will be easy, but I'm nervous anyway.

Later: I told Lisa from Sun about the Java reference in last week's MST3K (there was a pigeon pecking buttons on a wall and Crow said (as the pigeon) "I'm programming a Java applet here."). She [Lisa] was VASTLY amused. Gloat, gloat. I don't know why I'm gloating over knowing a marketing person.

    Man, the gods of butt-kicking are fickle. In the morning, I kicked the butt of my CS51A final. But in the afternoon, the tables were turned, and my butt was kicked by the Math 31C final. Argh.

Later still: Agh. On Switched-On Bach II there is the Musette in D Major and the Minuet in G Major and tbe Marche in D Major from the Anna Magdalena Notebook, and they scare me. They scare me because I had to learn them in piano lessons when I was little. I didn't even recognize it as Bach. I thought Mozart wrote them. I tend to blame Mozart for all classical music I don't like, especially that which I had to learn in piano lessons.


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