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: What is up with these "modern" PCs where the power button is not a switch? It's just wrong! The power-up and power-down stuff is implemented totally in software! What's next, software-controlled floppy ejection like the Mac? Gimme a break! I want a switch!

Later: I did some work on the OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO tape insert tonight. There are turning out to be four major pieces to the collage. There is the title, which is going to be ransom-note-style cut-out words and a drawing from an IBM training catalog Al MacMorres gave me; there is Sally, with cake, football, and corn syrup; there is a girl I cut out of a Jews For Jesus cartoon tract who is longing after an ambiguously priced bra insert product being advertised by porcelain Easter bunnies; and, of course, there is Porcelain Puppy himself. Hey Kris, I need you to do the Porcelain Puppy drawing. We also need to do some flyers for the kaplan-leonardr-kaplan gig on the 23rd. Get back to me. The whole collage is mounted on my CUSP calculator project from CS33, on the page where it says "Syntax error in your favor", just because I think that phrase is funny. I'm going to write the track list and stuff just crammed in the white space between the parts of the collage. It should be pretty cool, bro.

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