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: OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO is about half recorded. I hope to have it in Jake's capable hands by the end of the month. Jake will clean it up and do some post-processing, then burn it onto CD. Tapes will be made from the CDs and music will flow freely for all.

Adam and Kris: We need to meet and greet to record your respective sounds on tape.

Yeah, I know it's August. Gimme a break, okay? I have about 40 things to do, most of which are more important that updating this site.

: I think the penguin comic is funny.

I've decided to stop with the nbsps (agin wid da nbsp!). They take too long to type/copy-and-paste/activate a macro and they're not really worth it.

I have to do my last two physics labs before Thursday. But then I will never have to do another physics lab as long as I live, unless I go insane and change my major to physics or something.

Later: My mother is back from Europe. She sent me this huge travelogue. Here it is. The Leonard mentioned in the piece is my uncle, not me.

Later still: By an amazing coincidence, today is the day I got both of the postcards my mother sent me from Europe. They were both mailed from Paris. When I go home this Friday I will be the recipient of French and British candy. Woo-hoo.

: Hee hee hee.

My watch is broken, so I never know what time it is or what date it is anymore. It's pretty pathetic.

Later: Quite possibly the shortest email I've ever gotten, from Peter Hodgson. I told him I was going to be over at his office at around 3, and he said "come ahead" and I asked him if he was using an idiom or if he wanted me to be there before 3.

: I accidentally threw away the OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO cover collage, but fortunately I was digging through my trash can to recover something else and I found it. Today I finished the collage part. I just need the text (which is going to be the very last thing done, after the master has been burnt) and Kris' PP drawing. Today I was looking through Infoworld and Computer Currents for letters to cut out. I made "Porcelain Puppy" out of the letters found in Microsoft ads.

: OK, check it out. New stuff scanned. Flyer 1 and the ever-shameful Flyer 2 for our Coffee Junction gig, done with marker on scratch paper in about five minutes. The liner to Bad Stupid Delerious, scanned at last. And, if you want to see it now, the current state of the OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO collage. Porcelain Puppy is going in the bottom right-hand corner. Kris, where are youuuuu?

I just realised that Flyer 2 gives the date of our gig as being June 23, rather than July 23. Oh darn.

: I'm working on putting SSI back up, if only so yenrab's description of my site as being an "SSI-packed" one will be accurate again. It doesn't work yet for some reason.

: I don't know the date, but I need to pay the rent. I also need to find another place to live. There, I just looked up the date. Happy?

It won't be the 13th for long, though, as it's... oh, why do I do this? [looks again] 10:05. I'd be asleep by now, but I slept in the evening some.

I hate finding another place to live. I'm gonna try to just move in with someone who wants a roommate. I should probably call the Poulsons and set up an emergency plan such that I can crash at their house if I don't find a place in time. Then I could test my Macarynna bit on Rynna (see last month).

I desperately need to get someplace cheap, as living in this money-sucking apartment for 9 months has drained my resources. On the plus side, however, my National Merit Scholarship got upped (oi!) from $500 a year to $2000 a year, presumably because I'm now an upperclassman, or because I still have over a 3.0 GPA, or something. I can also get a government-subsidized loan for $1500 or so, but after that I have to go to the private sector.

I finally got a coherent picture of the whole plot for the Bastard Squad! screenplay. It's a very complex plot, I'm pleased. I am slowly hacking away at the Herculean task of writing the script. So far the bastards are at the party, but they have not yet killed the guy who's not really British.

: Oh man. Look at this: http://www.fibblesnork.com. It has all the Lego sets I used to have. Mega mega mega!

Later: Actually, it doesn't. It doesn't have the town sets for some incomprehensible reason. But the space sets rocked. They used to, anyway. Now they're incomprehensibly, mind-bogglingly stupid.

Attention everyone. It's birthday time in the lunchroom. Birthday time in the lunchroom.

Later still: I got Coffee Junction pictures from Mrs. Irby. They are cool, black and white. Two of them look like press pack photos. They will be scanned probably next week, assuming I can get the scanner to work (it died).

Even later than that: This is the first "Even later than that" entry. Go look through the archives if you don't believe me.

Everyone else is doing it, why can't we^H^HI? I wanted to succumb to screenshot mania, but I never use X except for Netscape, so I just have this pathetic default Afterstep configuration. The solution, however, is simple. All it takes is hope and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust. I just fired up Netscape and went over to Garrett's page, loaded his neato Enlightenment Emulation In Windowmaker theme screenshot, and took a screenshot of that. It's a meta-screenshot! Now includes the obligatory IRC window. Aah, you kids today. When I was your age all we had were ones and zeroes. And sometimes we'd run out of ones, and we had to use just zeroes.

Speaking of zeroes, I wrote a rant about Windows 98. Yeah, that was an easy shot, but I didn't plan it, so I figured I might as well take it.

: My goulish free cable luck has run out. No more MST3K. Boo hoo.

I finally put up Kris' hilarious birthday greeting to me. Enjoy it.

: Agh. Monday. Agh.

Jake and friends have left on their roadtrip. Good luck, Boingy.

My cousin Shannon is getting married on Saturday, so I get to take Friday off. Whee.

I finally put up a 404 message.

I signed up for the 5-unit Survey of Roman Civilization class, as everything else on my schedule for the next 2 years is full. Bleah. I may have to drop the CS lab.

: Well, SSI works now.

I'm gonna put the mega header and the nice SSI-enabled footer (look at the source) into include files and try including them in all Crummy files. Cool. The front page now passes the W3C's HTML validator. Don't know about the other stuff though.

I got Jake's tape liner and Jeremy's tape yesterday. The tape liner is cool. It mentions me twice, once as "Leonard Richardson of Leonard Richardson fame... about whom we know virtually nothing." Jer's tape is so cool that I was enthralled despite nothing on the tape having to do with me in any way.

I was being facetious just there. Jer's tape is the double stuff.

I'm going to put up a web-based notebook for URLs and stuff. I use so many different computers nowadays, and remote bookmark management is still merely a dream. I don't like bookmarking stuff, because I won't be able to use it everywhere I go, but at the same time I don't want to lose valuable URLs. I've taken to actually writing down URLs, if you can believe that. So a Web notebook is the answer. Powered, of course, by SSI.

OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO is mostly done. By this I mean that I just have a couple (4) more songs that can be recorded with what I have on hand. 6 more I can record once Adam lends me his hog. 2-4 more require Adam/Leonard collabaration. That sounds like a lot (many full albums have fewer than 14 songs), but a) my songs are short, and, in general, pretty easy to record; and b) this is not your standard "mainstream" release, pink boy. I intend to, I intend to rock you, long and hard, and without mercy. So don't give me any crap about the number of tracks on the tape. My songs are defined integer but they pack a double-precision punch, and each dose of musical medicine is more potent than the last. Packed with hooks and crooks, nooks and brooks, they really satisfy the Eulerian path condition. So don't stand making faces, 'cause only one release this year bears the Porcelain Puppy Seal of Approval.

: Windows 98 just locked up the second I got access to the desktop. That's gotta be a new record.

Later: Cool, I wrote the notebook thing I said I was gonna write. No more lost URLs and ideas for me.

: So much stuff to do. Must fix Coredump, must fix FaultNIC, must write documentation, must write Jesse Pournelle column, must think up better pseudonym than "Jesse Pournelle".

: I put down my security deposit today. Whee. My new apartment is so much nicer than my current one, and cheaper too. I have to take the bus to school but who cares. I'll be moving in during early September.

I'll open the source to the notebook program as soon as I make sure there aren't any bonehead security holes in it, not that I would know a bonehead security hole if it bit me in the ass. It's a ridiculously simple program, but the concept is one that deserves much more popularity than it currently posesses, and I'm glad people like it.

Tomorrow there is a scheduled outage for gogol, as we will be upgrading to the new Debian 2.0. It's the way to go.


: Something is being filmed by where I live. I don't know what. The sign on the movie theater had been changed to advertise a nonexistant movie called "Stately Mansions". This afternoon it was back. Just more Hollywood insider information from He Who Lives In Somewhat Close Proximity To The Stars, As The Crow Flies.

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