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: I don't know the date, but I need to pay the rent. I also need to find another place to live. There, I just looked up the date. Happy?

It won't be the 13th for long, though, as it's... oh, why do I do this? [looks again] 10:05. I'd be asleep by now, but I slept in the evening some.

I hate finding another place to live. I'm gonna try to just move in with someone who wants a roommate. I should probably call the Poulsons and set up an emergency plan such that I can crash at their house if I don't find a place in time. Then I could test my Macarynna bit on Rynna (see last month).

I desperately need to get someplace cheap, as living in this money-sucking apartment for 9 months has drained my resources. On the plus side, however, my National Merit Scholarship got upped (oi!) from $500 a year to $2000 a year, presumably because I'm now an upperclassman, or because I still have over a 3.0 GPA, or something. I can also get a government-subsidized loan for $1500 or so, but after that I have to go to the private sector.

I finally got a coherent picture of the whole plot for the Bastard Squad! screenplay. It's a very complex plot, I'm pleased. I am slowly hacking away at the Herculean task of writing the script. So far the bastards are at the party, but they have not yet killed the guy who's not really British.

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