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: I don't like that format, let's get something like what we had before.

Second paragraph requires both tags.

Fri Sep 11 19:29:37 1998 (leonardr):

This is a test of the mighty News You Can Bruise web publication system. Behold the HTML!

09/11/1998: In keeping with the tradition of recieving mail from cool people I don't know on account of having reflected upon their work in some fashion, I present this message recieved from the mighty Brett Glass in response to my Segfault article which I don't have gpm on this terminal and I'm not going to type the URL so you'll just have to find it yourself that talked about his Windows 3.1 error message program.

In other news, I am making the notebook program into a nitro-burning remote publishing mobile. It will rock, oh yes. More traffic on the ones.

09/08/1998: Woohoo! I got mail from Pokey himself! And Pokey uses Linux!

09/07/1998: Whee, we have moved. Crummy will be here until next June, probably. Puff the mighty Sampo lived by the sea.

09/04/98: Oh no, yenrab found my secret page!

Soon I may be moving webbily as well as physically. Peter has decided to claim gogol as his own. I hope Andy comes back soon.

09/02/98: Screw it. Here's the notebook source. CGI is wonko lately. Some people see the browser greeting and some don't. Agh.

09/01/98: The Browser Greetings program stopped working. I don't know why.

Source for the notebook will be forthcoming, unlike my renewal. If you get that reference, I'm really impressed.

: As you can see from the thing below, we're moving over to a new format here in the Deep 13 Grotto Room. Rather than open up a telnet every time we want to update News You Can Bruise, Andy and I can just fire up the notebook program and publish the news through the Web. Of course, since we care not for consistency, we'll be doing the telnet thing quite a bit as well. Soon there will be a public notebook for the common rabble to put notes in, and private notebooks for first-estaters me and Andy, which all can read but which are us-password-protected. Woohoo! Once again SSI proves its superiority over all other forms of communication!

: This is funny:


: I hate the firewall.

: Good, that got through.

All of my services have been cancelled, except for the damn Sprint long distance that David got and that I can't find a bill for. I hate phone companies even more than I hate the firewall.

My new apartment is mighty. Each day I am humbled before its cleanness and carpetedness and all-around groovyness.

I forgot the pizza I was going to bring for lunch. But no, I planned not to bring it for lunch. I think. Either way, it ain't here.

Soon we will have a new firewall, which I wouldn't hate except it runs on NT so I am obligated to hate it. We are testing it now.

: In the interests of strict accuracy, I should have said
More traffic on the "ones".
below. But the quotes look stupid. Either way, it is a worthy companion to Jake's "More news as it happens" (and fair).

: Lucky generic root beer remains the best root beer in the world. Vons generic root beer comes nowhere close.

: You'll notice that Andy rebooted sampo, and so the date here is wrong. Oh well.

I was bored, so I updated my CSUA homepage. I can't type the URL, as it contains a tilde, and the laptop I'm using has no tilde key. So it's time to use the %7E trick. http://fire.csua.ucla.edu/%7Eleonardr"

: No luck finding a track recorder, but I found a great drum machine. I did the mighty drum intro to Scentless Apprentice and a photonegative of the aforementioned drum intro. They're both about 115K.

09/19/1998 (leonardr) My mail was bouncing yesterday. They changed my SEASNet username from leonard to leonardr (They told me they were gonna do this, and I'm glad they did as now I have the same username everywhere except at work where I'm still leonard), and therein hangs a tale. A while ago (you can check the NYCB archives if you care) I was pissed off at OAC for sending me warning messages about checking my mail too often (which was my fault, actually; I had a misconfigured asmailbox) so I decided to go off OAC and I set my forwarding address to leonard@seas.ucla.edu. Then I moved over to fire, where I am now, and I changed my SEAS forwarding address to leonardr@fire.csua.ucla.edu. So for quite a while everything sent to leonardr@ucla.edu had been forwarded to SEAS and then forwarded to fire where I got it. But when they changed my username, anything that went to leonardr@ucla.edu got sent to leonard@seas.ucla.edu and bounced. So yesterday I decided to just stop with the Rube Goldberg thing and now leonardr@ucla.edu forwards directly to leonardr@fire.csua.ucla.edu. So if you sent anything important to me in the last 36 hours and it bounced, send it again.

The sound files I made yesterday are obviously not proper .au files. This salesman is obviously a dummy. I don't know what they are. Sorry. I can play them in my weird X-based sound editor that's the best I've found so far that won a Microsoft Student Innovation Award or something even though it sucks like an empty oil well.

Oh yeah, Lucky generic Mountain Dew is pretty bad, too.

leonardr Hey, check it out. I found a program on sunsite (I ain't gonna play sunsite) called sapphire, an "acoustic compiler". It's basically a sound specification language. Not something I'd use to create many of my tracks, but good for some things. The easiest thing you can do with it, actually, is use it to play samples playing musical notation into a sound file. So I scrounged up some musical notation I did the last time I was near a piano, and made sapphire-compiled versions of the opening and the mega piano closing (which I will use in a recording someday) to I Screw Up Everything I Touch, and the main theme to Yo Quiero Breakfast. The latter doesn't sound right, as it has a weird rhythm, and I have no rhythm, musical-notation-wise, so it doesn't exactly fit into two measures and it gets cut off. The sounds are in the sound directory. Final verdict, sapphire is pretty cool. I'm still looking for something that will duplicate the functionality of a 4-track, though.

: That's interesting. Go here with Lynx and look at the status bar..

: Today I recieved, unsolicited, an email from Richard M. Stallman, in response to this. This is probably the best piece of email I have ever recieved. How long until the chicks start rolling in? Probably quite a while.

Correction: In the NYCB for March 5, 1998, I claimed that Winston Churchill was the originator of the term "Iron Curtain". According to the radio programme My Word, which would know, this is not true. It was someone who wrote a book about (being in Russia during the 1917 revolution).

: With the beginning of school fast approaching, it's time for me to re-evaluate the list of summer projects I made back in June. Here we go:

Project: Finish the Bastard Squad! screenplay
Status: I finally figured out the plot, but only about 20 minutes of screenplay have actually been written. Put this down as a work in progress.

Project: Write stories for Segfault
Status: Completely achieved. I continue to write stories for Segfault to this day.

Project: Write a GTK clone of the blow-other-players-up-in-a-mine game
Status: Still just a gleam in my eye. I may never even start on this. Total and utter failure.

Project: Work on FaultNIC and other Segfault stuff
Status: Brilliantly achieved. Rewrites continue to this day.

Project: Record Ow, My Prostate! 24,996 Years Of Porcelain Puppy Oppression.
Status: Almost achieved. Would be completely achieved if Adam and/or Kris had stuck around during the summer.

Project: Write rock opera: Boris Goodenough
Status: Not much progress made. Most songs have yet do be written; still unsure as to plot details. Chalk this up as a failure.

Project: Write rock opera: His Own Platters
Status: Some progress made. Again I can blame Adam and Kris on account of their not being accessible. Plot set, most of my songs and some dialogue written. Still have to find out what the heck Jack Platters are, exactly.

So, there you have it. This evaluation of one's projects strikes me as quite Franklinian, and I shall continue it. Look for a new list of projects soon.

: Andy's mother once made me a thing like this, only it's made of yarn and it's a reindeer.

: Some links I keep looking up. I need to get the multi-notebook feature up so that these can go in my personal notebook rather than the front page. But I got tricked into working on Segfault some more, and have had little time for my own projects.

Bitesized Astronomy
Saucer Smear

: Three more days (counting today) of working.

: The notebook program is up. The various notebooks, except for Andy's, are also up. The source for the new version is avaliable.

: Check this news article out.

As I was telling Jake, I cannot, to save my life, remember the circumstances under which I first watched Fargo. I'm pretty sure I watched it with somebody who had already seen it and thought it was great. Andy, was it you?

: Okay, more updates. I updated the old mail program, which you won't see yet until I write a thing to scour the /mail directory for messages and build a mail menu based on that. But I also wrote a NYCB file viewer, and rewrote the /news directory to use it, in the absence of a similar scourer program for the news directory. There will be one eventually, and also a cron job to move the NYCB notebook file into the /news directory at the end of the month. Automation frees the workers!

: Behold the Forbidden Secrets of Sampo!
(Inspired by I know not what)

: Adam and Kris, my schedule is up. Compare notes. In keeping with my plea for timekeeping reform I have used 24-hour time throughout. Unfortunately, the travesties of scheduling that are my Classics discussion and my CS M151B lecture cannot be avoided, as there's only one CS M151B lecture and all the Classics discussions are on Thursday Thursday Thursday. Oh darn.

: Here I am in the SEASNet xterm lab, and the browser greeting program knows this fact even. I could put in more hostname recognition, I guess. Then Kris and Andy, at least, could also get personalized greetings.

I just spent $160 on books. I could have easily spent over twice that if I had bought the optional CS M151B books. I may return the one CSM151B book I did get if I can get a better price on it from Amazon.

Woop, I just got mail from Ilyah. Time to go downstairs.

Sep 26 1998 (leonardr): Wow, Kris shares three of my four classes (all except Classics). I think Adam shares one but I have not heard from him. Kris must endure the four-hour lab with me and then he has three more hours of class right after that. My heart bleeds for you, Scally.

: Ow, my feet hurt.

Ilyah and I spent 2 or 3 hours cleaning up the CSUA lounge. We moved in the big bookcase and put the books into it. Many of our books are autographed by Linus, but he just wrote "Linus" on the part of the book that's made up of the sides of all the pag es, so it looks like they are Linus' books and we stole them. We also hung up the mega Star Trek: First Contact poster.

Then on the way home I decided to get some stuff from Trader Joe's and test my hypothesis that I could save time by getting off the bus and walking home down National. I made it home in about 15 minutes, so I think that doing that should save from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how much stuff is in my backpack. My backpack is completely full right now.

I fear that Trader Joe's may not stock the raspberry sticks anymore. All they had were two tubs of orange sticks. I bought one of those just to try it, but I don't think they're going to sell them anymore. Oh darn.

: The United States Japan Foundation of New York!

: This is interestsing.

I'm watching my tape of The Sinister Urge, and one of the commercials is one of the old Nike "Griffey in '96" commercials. And it showed a clip of Ken Griffey Jr. cavorting on the baseball field, and close-captions were shown that were not the close-captions for the commercial, but rather the close-captions for the game commentary during the period of the game from which the clip. I thought it was interesting that they'd let that slip through.

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