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: No luck finding a track recorder, but I found a great drum machine. I did the mighty drum intro to Scentless Apprentice and a photonegative of the aforementioned drum intro. They're both about 115K.

09/19/1998 (leonardr) My mail was bouncing yesterday. They changed my SEASNet username from leonard to leonardr (They told me they were gonna do this, and I'm glad they did as now I have the same username everywhere except at work where I'm still leonard), and therein hangs a tale. A while ago (you can check the NYCB archives if you care) I was pissed off at OAC for sending me warning messages about checking my mail too often (which was my fault, actually; I had a misconfigured asmailbox) so I decided to go off OAC and I set my forwarding address to leonard@seas.ucla.edu. Then I moved over to fire, where I am now, and I changed my SEAS forwarding address to leonardr@fire.csua.ucla.edu. So for quite a while everything sent to leonardr@ucla.edu had been forwarded to SEAS and then forwarded to fire where I got it. But when they changed my username, anything that went to leonardr@ucla.edu got sent to leonard@seas.ucla.edu and bounced. So yesterday I decided to just stop with the Rube Goldberg thing and now leonardr@ucla.edu forwards directly to leonardr@fire.csua.ucla.edu. So if you sent anything important to me in the last 36 hours and it bounced, send it again.

The sound files I made yesterday are obviously not proper .au files. This salesman is obviously a dummy. I don't know what they are. Sorry. I can play them in my weird X-based sound editor that's the best I've found so far that won a Microsoft Student Innovation Award or something even though it sucks like an empty oil well.

Oh yeah, Lucky generic Mountain Dew is pretty bad, too.

leonardr Hey, check it out. I found a program on sunsite (I ain't gonna play sunsite) called sapphire, an "acoustic compiler". It's basically a sound specification language. Not something I'd use to create many of my tracks, but good for some things. The easiest thing you can do with it, actually, is use it to play samples playing musical notation into a sound file. So I scrounged up some musical notation I did the last time I was near a piano, and made sapphire-compiled versions of the opening and the mega piano closing (which I will use in a recording someday) to I Screw Up Everything I Touch, and the main theme to Yo Quiero Breakfast. The latter doesn't sound right, as it has a weird rhythm, and I have no rhythm, musical-notation-wise, so it doesn't exactly fit into two measures and it gets cut off. The sounds are in the sound directory. Final verdict, sapphire is pretty cool. I'm still looking for something that will duplicate the functionality of a 4-track, though.

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