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: With the beginning of school fast approaching, it's time for me to re-evaluate the list of summer projects I made back in June. Here we go:

Project: Finish the Bastard Squad! screenplay
Status: I finally figured out the plot, but only about 20 minutes of screenplay have actually been written. Put this down as a work in progress.

Project: Write stories for Segfault
Status: Completely achieved. I continue to write stories for Segfault to this day.

Project: Write a GTK clone of the blow-other-players-up-in-a-mine game
Status: Still just a gleam in my eye. I may never even start on this. Total and utter failure.

Project: Work on FaultNIC and other Segfault stuff
Status: Brilliantly achieved. Rewrites continue to this day.

Project: Record Ow, My Prostate! 24,996 Years Of Porcelain Puppy Oppression.
Status: Almost achieved. Would be completely achieved if Adam and/or Kris had stuck around during the summer.

Project: Write rock opera: Boris Goodenough
Status: Not much progress made. Most songs have yet do be written; still unsure as to plot details. Chalk this up as a failure.

Project: Write rock opera: His Own Platters
Status: Some progress made. Again I can blame Adam and Kris on account of their not being accessible. Plot set, most of my songs and some dialogue written. Still have to find out what the heck Jack Platters are, exactly.

So, there you have it. This evaluation of one's projects strikes me as quite Franklinian, and I shall continue it. Look for a new list of projects soon.

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