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: Hm, I thought that didn't look right. An inaccuracy in my schedule made things look worse than they actually are. I now only have to wait 3 hours until CSM151B on Mondays and Wednesdays (I am engaged in such a wait right now) and 1 hour on Fridays. This means I can go home earlier. Whee.

: This is an interesting development. Adam can't perform at Coffee Junction on the 22nd so I am going to have to play the entire 2-hour (well, 45-minute 15-minute break 45-minute) set by myself. Truly that day will live in infamy, one way or the other. I'd better start practicing.

: Woohoo, I just sent off for a bunch of catalogs. Cheap thrills. I have decided to get a student membership in the ACM and to subscribe to the Annals of Improbably Research. That should dampen my enthusiasm for sending off for stuff some.


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