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: Ah, October.

: OK, I finally got the source viewer up, if you go to programs.shtml you can see it in action. that's a dynamically generated list, by the way, generated by the source viewer itself, and all I have to do is add new script names to a file to have them show up. I'll probably put in facilities for putting in descriptions as well.

I also need to write a script that updates pokey.pl with new numbers of panels. I may do that this afternoon.

: Uh-oh. Jake...

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The source viewer now has descriptions. split makes it all possible. Most of it, at any rate.

: There is now a script which uses wget to download the finest in Pokey fashions, automatically creating a Dada Pokey script for the young scientist in the family.

Unfortunately, it's not up yet, as sampo does not have wget. But I've tested it on rubberfish and it works. Yippee die-ai-aye!

: I don't always do what mama said, but I do always make things more complicated than they need to be. Rather than use the new (see last entry) Pokey perl script which generates another perl script as output, I have simplified it by turning it into two perl scripts that do different jobs. One will get run as a nightly cron job and write its findings to a file. The other will be the standard pokey.pl we know and love, but instead of the numbers of panels being fixed as they are now, it will read from the file that the other script writes to. And both scripts will live happily ever after. The end.

: Now that I have an address at which I will be for a while, I have decided to start subscribing to a couple of things. I just now got a student subscription to KUSC for $25. And it'll come to me. For the past year I've always been on the verge of moving out and now I don't have to worry about moving out and stuff not getting to me. It just blows my mind. I think I'll subscribe to Scientific American or something, if it's not too expensive. I used to like reading that.

I need to sleep, but I can't get to sleep. Oh well.


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