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: Oh, ooga booga. I figured I might as well put up this message I got back on the 8th, pertaining as it does to this page.

: Apparantly, I'VE WON a cool Pepsi Backpack To claim my prize, I must present my sticker at the UCLA dining Services Office, located at the Housing Administration Building. (310) 825-1943. Sticker subject to verification. Prize must be claimed by 11/15/98. See official rules for details.

All I wanted was a Mountain Dew. Now I have to go through all this crap and get a cool Pepsi Backpack too.

: By the way, I am officially engaging in the first skipped class of the year. I'm skipping statistics. I need to do homework.

: What is Microsoft URL Control? Whatever it is, it sounds sinister. A search of Microsoft's Web site turns up nothing, but an Altavista shows it to have something of a past. As long as I'm linking to pages like that, here's another.

Aha. Mystery solved. Microsoft URL Control is the user-agent given to applications that use the MSInet API under Visual C++. I hope I don't have to put in a spam spoofing device again.

: Also, what is Xenu's Galactic Link Sleuth? Obviously something Scientology-related.

And... I'm wrong. Kind of. It's not Scientology-related, but the name was clearly Scientology-inspired. Xenu's Link Sleuth is a standard link checker that runs on Windows. And check out this righteous place, even like unto a gnarly wave in its tubularosity.

I don't know why I'm posting so many URLs today. Numerous things have conspired to put me in that kind of a mood.


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