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: OMP!(25K-4)YOPPO is approaching a non-vaporware state. I have sent two of the master tapes off to Jake for processing. I need to find a copy of the original Bastard Squad! radio drama so that I can finally record my lines. I need to get Adam's hog so that I can record my needing-Adam's-hog songs and also so I can practice for Coffee Junction on Thursday. And I need to get Kris to draw a good cover over the chicken-scratch I drew as a guide for him. Whee.

: Behold the sweet smell of napalm and The Best of Dada Pokey. I wrote two Perl scripts which save me the drudgery of saving a bunch of nearly-identical HTML files and linking to them all: Best of Dada Pokey Viewer and Best Of Dada Pokey List Generator. Remember, if you get a good Dada Pokey, send me the file (or just the image data).


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