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: Today is major laundry day. I've been wearing already-worn socks for the past week. Laundry-doing is so expensive here. It costs nearly two dollars to do a load of laundry. Two dollars in quarters, mind you, which I need for bus fare. Agh.

La de da, just publishing a couple Segfault articles.

: Ah, clean socks. Tom, consider the sock. So decadent, so firm...

It has occured to me that the method I use to store The Best of Dada Pokey could also be used to do Pokey collage, by picking Pokey panels by some non-random process and arranging them to form a new story. As with TBODP, all that would need to be stored would be an ordered list of panels and title and author information. Any takers for Pokey collage?


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