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: Woohoo! Dada Pokey should now be updated with new dada data every night at midnight my time. Thanks to Andy for wgetting wget. Man, I'm Mr. Alliteration today.

: You know what? I just washed a load of laundry and forgot to put in any detergent, and my clothes are just fine. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Let's see what Heartland America has to say about this:

Never Buy Laundry Soap Again!
Reusable Bion laundry disks are chemical-free, detergent-free and gentle enough for washing baby clothing. These disks clean better than detergent and each disk is good for at least 60 loads. Activated ceramics break up water molecules, enhancing their ability to penetrate fabric and lift away dirt, grease, and ground-in s tains. Safe for all fabrics. 3 disk pack.
WAS $29.99 NOW ONLY! $19.99

I think somebody is getting taken.

: I was tired of not having kitchen neccessities like a rubber scraper and a decent spatula and Hamburger Helper, so I went through all my kitchen boxes. And I made what is probably the single text file with the least putting-onto-the-Web value. So of course I put it on the Web. Behold the contents of my "kitchen stuff" boxes file! Plus, I found my ancient Vonsclub card, so I can cash in on the cheap stuff at the Vons that's just around the corner.


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