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: fire is back up. Oops, I already used that one. But wait, now I'm using it for email. Which means I need to change the thing up there. Oh, the pain. I'll just wait until November and rewrite the whole thing.

I am doing CS151B homework and it is actually kind of fun. I came up with an way of implementing the PointerAdd operation which is either brilliantly innovative or incredibly wrong, as the way in which the subquestions are phrased does not anticipate that method of implementation at all. But I can't see anything wrong with it, and it allows you to implement all possible pointer operations for the price of PointerAdd.

A quote from me is in Kris' hacky client-side random quote thing which pales in comparison with my mighty SSI random quote thing. Go to Kris' site and look for my quote in the source if you don't get it on the page. The quote is shamefully ripped out of a context in which it makes perfect sense, in the manner of the dada country song assembled from things we said over the course of the day which sounded like they could be lines in a country song." Why did I think that was part of a quote?

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