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: The bus I was taking home yesterday crashed into a car. I had to fill out an accident card and wait for the next bus.

I got an A on my Plautus paper. "Leonard - this is an awesome analysis of Plautus. You clearly have thought it through clearly. You've made some very keen insights [sic] & I thorougly enjoyed reading it. But you seem to have trouble distinguishing what makes a complete paragraph."

You know, one day I'll write a paper the weekend before it's due and it will get a terrible grade and then I'll be sorry. But until that happens, let the good times roll!

Andy is coming over today.

: Wow, what a great deal! On the way home from work I stopped by a yard sale and picked up an old DOD 8-track mixer for $25. I got a guitar stand for $1 too.

Finally, the fact that browser/OS integration is a dumb idea gets submitted to the general public.


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