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: The EQ Pegasi signal is bogus.

: Everything looks so cosmic! I am made of ice! Voting results are coming in! You think that just because I am Mexican you can take advantage of me, but I am no fool! The bad news? It's the final season! Ow, my pituitary gland!

You can probably tell that I just updated the intro text.

Vader: Where are the plans you were given?

Curly: [begins dancing wildly] Woob woob woob woob woob! Ruuuuh ruuuuuh ruuuuuh!

Moe: What are you doing?

Curly: Eeeh, I'm givin' him the plans!

Moe: That's not how you give him the plans, you lunkhead!


: Hey, I just made a face on the command line:

cp *_* ~/crummy/mail/

This also means that all the old mail messages from the old Leonard's Yummy homepage are in the mail/ directory now. I still need to write the automatic header-reader and menu-generator.

: It's back. Deal with it.

I should probably go to sleep.


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