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: Right now some Asian person is laughing at a freakish spam mail intended for me. LARGEST OUTDOOR SMOKING PATIO W/WATERFALL!

: I'm printing out my paper with LyX. Apart from the huge margins, it looks awesome. It's so easy on the eyes! Everything else looks like crap compared to this! Wow!

I am now officially blown away by the might of LyX and TeX in general.

: Let me tell you something. I wrote a thing for the idea base that will generate Segfault-ish ID numbers. I did this a) because the code used by Segfault isn't a PHP function, it's a C function embedded in PostgreSQL (I think) which makes it database-dependant (I think) and you have to do something weird to PostgreSQL to get it to work (again, I think), and b) the code used by Segfault can't be GPLed. The code and a benchmark is in my idea base directory on fire.

: I'm showing Peter Hodgson the NYCB publisher.


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